English for Business

English with Paul can help you develop or improve your business English from the comfort of your own home at a fraction of the cost of going to study in an English speaking country.

Who is it for?

Business People of any discipline (sales, finance, marketing, operations, logistics, technical, development, etc), at any level (junior through to CEO), in any industry sector , who want to improve their english in a particular area(negotiations, meetings, presentations, interview skills, etc) or just want to improve their grammar and speak more correctly and with more confidence, and need a teacher who understands business as well as how to teach English.


Pre-class preparation work
I will send you by email some preparation work before the class.
You will complete this and send it back to me for checking prior to the class

Element 2  THE CLASS

This will be 50 minutes long and will start on the hour at the pre-arranged time.
It will focus on the learning aims from your individual Course Plan.
For the class you will need a computer with a good internet connection and skype downloaded and a headset with a microphone.

Element 3  FEEDBACK

You will receive feedback after each homework session, as well as at the end of  the class. You will also receive a report on your progress after you have completed the course.

The Cost Options for Business English Lessons
Number of Lessons Price Discount You Pay
10 £336 Nil £336 Pay Pal Button
20 £672 5% £638 Pay Pal Button
30 £1008 7.5% £932 Pay Pal Button
40 £1344 10% £1210 Pay Pal Button

The option of a mixed Business and General English course is available, based on a minimum of 50% general English.Please discuss with Paul if you would like this type of course.