My name is Olga. I`m from Russia. I tried to learn English with different Russian teachers a lot of times. But I couldn`t speak English. It was a problem for me because I spent money and time for that but I didn`t have any result. The English classes by skype with Paul Brooks are cool!!! I don`t need to spend time for a way to my teacher! I could talk with my English teacher everywhere! I must remember all English words that I know because Paul doesn`t speak Russian. At first it was a stress for me because I understood that I knew a little English words and rules for speaking with Englishman but Paul is a very sympathetic, talkative and intelligent man. He helps to understand some words, idioms and phrasal verbs while I`ll see that. It isn`t boring! It`s really interesting and cheerfully! Now I`m not afraid speaking with foreigners! I`ve overcome this barrier! And in my opinion, I have a progress with English!!!  Olga, Russia.

Thank you so much for the report. I would also like to express my happiness with the material used during the lessons and the way the lesson was structured. It was very good and it really suited me as a part timer. Additionally the quality of the skype communication was very good and I recommend it to any one who would like to take lessons using this method. It is suitable and can be done from any where in the world without additional costs, as long as there is internet connection in the place. Overall it was very good and thank you again. Sium, Business Student, Abu Dhabi.


“Paul Brooks as  my teacher helped me to improve my English. He has a special courses making  your speaking and listening better. Our  conversations by skype are very good practice. I studied with Paul 10 months by Skype and now I don’t have any problem for communicating by English.”    Marina, St.Petersburg, Russia.




Thanks to Paul, for the first time I am able to communicate in English- I use my English in conversation , when I am travelling and at work.My level is beginner, but I am already speaking the language in such a short time! The classes are personal and very interactive. And I can take them at any time and anywhere, with a good internet connection. It is flexible and comfortable for me.  Florencia, Buenos Aires, Argentina.